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Originally Posted by Dyldo
I vote Obscura. Its actually a close tie, but it was the first Gorguts that I got into so I've absorbed it the most and it had "that" initial impact on me. FWtH is great, but it doesn't hold my attention as well, even though I will admit that Obscura drags on a bit if I'm not in the mood. I also think Lemay sounds more psychotic on Obscura, like he's in an asylum having his head drilled in a trepanation procedure to release the demon haunting his skull.

Yeah, all that high pitched squealing shit. It actually fits the sound very well and fulfills it's purpose in that regard, but it's a double edged sword. The chaos, the atonality, the dissonance, the shrieking, the overall total album length is designed (intentionally, IMO) to challenge the listener. In order to enjoy the totality of the the album, you have to really be up to that challenge. It's fairly easy to enjoy any two or three songs off the album in a single listen regardless of mood, but 60 minutes of it can be a bit grating when you aren't particularly up for it.

Originally Posted by Dyldo
I'm not crazy about the first two albums very much, but its been a very long time since I've given them a spin so I think its about time to re-visit them. They're almost two seperate bands to me and I get much more pleasure from the later Gorguts.

The first two albums were fucking great. They were fairly straightforward brutal tech death, but A. that type of shit wasn't nearly as common back then as it is now and B. that material was particularly well written and holds up very well against the stuff that's coming out today.

Originally Posted by DameFraMorkum
Im also going to have to say Obscura. It was my introduction to Gorguts, and I don't at all mind it "peaking in the middle" as I tend to favor albums that build up and die down any way. Re: Weakling- Dead As Dreams. It's probably my favorite death metal album overall too.

It doesn't make it any less of a great album, it just makes it more difficult for me to get through unless I'm in the mood for it. I consider Blessed are the Sick to be the greatest DM album ever released and I feel it suffers from the same problem; I often skip the title track and come back to it when the rest of the album is finished because it's almost too good to keep listening to anything that comes after it.

Of course, that might just be a personal idiosyncrasy on my part.
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