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I vote Obscura. Its actually a close tie, but it was the first Gorguts that I got into so I've absorbed it the most and it had "that" initial impact on me. FWtH is great, but it doesn't hold my attention as well, even though I will admit that Obscura drags on a bit if I'm not in the mood. I also think Lemay sounds more psychotic on Obscura, like he's in an asylum having his head drilled in a trepanation procedure to release the demon haunting his skull.

I'm not crazy about the first two albums very much, but its been a very long time since I've given them a spin so I think its about time to re-visit them. They're almost two seperate bands to me and I get much more pleasure from the later Gorguts.

I can't fucking wait for the new shit.
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