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Originally Posted by Dyldo
No, Vinyl I can understand. It doesn't sound as clean as CDs, but it does have a very cool warm, slightly-raw sound that I think works great for certain genres, especially jazz. Black Metal sound great, too, though I think most extreme metal gets a bit muddled. There is also the benefit of having the extra-large artwork.
Two things:

1. Drape a towel over your speakers.
2. Buy a fuckin' poster.

Digital technology can recreate that shit if you like it, ya Luddite, philistine muthafucka. Digital technology also has the added bonus of not requiring a giant antique box from the past, ordered from YeOldAmazon.comme, delivered by the ghost of Bobbi's 13-year-old self, ya fuckin' rat fuck.

Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
Not to mention I've heard the shelf life of a cd is about 30 years.
You'll be a dead bitch before either expires. The reason vinyl lasts longer is because it's made out of a fucking invincible plastic-like material called vinyl. You may as well argue that cave walls are better suited for artwork than canvas. Cave paintings are even older than you and they're somehow even less worn than you. Should we all abandon the practice of painting on canvas and use slabs of rock in an underground hole instead? SHOULD WE? GO BACK TO PROTESTANTANIA!

Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
Paddy, do that banana thing.
You mean "split"? I ain't goin' nowhere no how!

Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
I heard it cures gynasyphillidia.
It sure didn't cure yours That's the last time I fall for the old "a snake bit my cooch!" routine.

Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
Maybe rub some on your head, too.
You may be onto something there, actually. Banana skins are a good makeshift boot polisher, and my head is almost always coarse and matted-looking. Maybe if I rub it with a banana skin it'll come up a bright, glistening purple just like God intended. I hear if you buff it up just right it squeaks when you titty-fuck a fat lass.
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