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Forget the fuckin' cassettes, why the fuck do people still use vinyl?? If you grew up listening to it and your fondest memories of a certain song are from that period I can understand preferring that to CD versions because it'll pique your nostalgia in a stronger way, but people younger than me are buying this shit. Fuckin' assholes. Buying vinyl doesn't make you cool and eclectic, it makes you a wretched fucking piece of anal shit-turds. FUCK EVERYONE.

Theory: do you think that our tendency to "scratch 'n' sniff" isn't just a gross thing we do but actually served an evolutionary purpose at some point in our history? For instance, if you scratch your ass, balls or pussy and then smell your fingers could that tell you something about your general state of health, like your finger is some sort of medical dipstick? If it smelled a certain way maybe it prompted our ape-ancestors to go rub banana skins on their cocks or something similar in order to counteract an infection or something or other...
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