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But they can't have it both ways - a thriving tourist economy canít coexist with a new law that will muzzle artists, writers, musicians and regular citizens who live in - or visit - the city.
Now that's just tasteless.

You'd think conservatives - by the very definition of their name - would encourage homosexuality given the mass overpopulation and depletion of natural resources and everything else that follows. They should not only drop all of this "no gay, Jose!"* nonsense but should actually pay heterosexual couples to sodomise each other rather than fuck in the front-bum.

* I'm so fucking proud of this phrase that I may become an outspoken anti-gay activist just so that I can use it. I can carve myself a niche hate-group by using it to target both gays and Latino immigrants. Maybe have something about Mexican lesbians eating all of our "beans" on the placards.

P.S. With regard to the question I posed earlier in the thread, I would have chosen Oprah, because I'm not a fucking faggot like the rest of you apparently are. You'd actually suck a man's cock rather than eat a woman's ass? Fuck me you faggots are disgusting. FAGGOTS FAGGOTS! EUUHHHGGG GET OFF MY FORUM YA LOW WHITE CELL COUNT HAVIN' MUTHAFUCKAS!
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