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I forgot to mention, Oprah has just finished a heavy workout whilst wearing rubber underwear in 200 degree heat and has been afflicted with severe piles and diarrhoea. It looks like she's permanently giving birth to a batch of undercooked chocolate chip muffins. The anilingus will be performed in a brightly lit room (fluorescent strip bulbs) with walls of dirty white enamel and with Oprah laying on a metal mortuary table. She will be on her back, with her legs on stirrups to allow easy access, and her ass cheeks will be stretched apart with Hellraiser-like fish-hooks on the ends of chains. As you eat her asshole a young black boy with a missing leg will be continually insulting you and tossing lumps of his own shit at your head. Meanwhile, another young black boy with missing arms will be jumping up and down on Oprah's stomach.

Brad, on the other hand, is freshly showered, shaven, and his penis has been flavoured and scented with a rich honey, lavender and lemon blend. His semen has also been genetically altered so that it tastes and smells like the blue syrup you get in Slush Puppies. You'll be sucking his cock whilst you both relax in a jacuzzi in a candle-lit room whilst nude big-titted women 69 next to you, occasionally flicking their wet fingers at your face. Meanwhile a businessman stands with his back to you (for the sake of your privacy) and continually tosses $50 bills over his shoulder for you to collect on your way out. Sombre rainforest music plays quietly in the background through a vintage Marshall stack.

So, what's it gonna be?
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