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Hahaha I just got to the part with the baby. It's not from the woman's stomach, it arrived in a pink coffin as he was dissecting the woman and he had to quickly add some finishing touches to it (basically stuffing its nose and mouth with cotton).

I read that Orzoco wasn't a particularly competent embalmer, and this scene alone confirms it. When the baby first arrives he opens the coffin and this is what he says:

Screenshot 01 [Contains an image of a dead baby in a coffin]

His ineptitude is staggering when you see how he services the baby. He places a towel over the open gut of the woman he had already been working on, places the baby on the towel and starts working on it like the woman is a flesh-coloured mortuary slab. The baby is in its funeral clothes - lovely bright pink cotton swaddling - and he just plops it back in the coffin when he's done hahahahaha. Look:

Screenshot 02 [Contains an image of a dead baby and a dead naked woman]

The man doesn't seem like he's been on speaking terms with reality for quite some time.

By the way, I realised after downloading the film that it doesn't have any subtitles. The ones from the following website work perfectly, however:


Quite possibly the best face I've ever seen:


This guy just walks up to the camera and stares into the lens haha. I wish I was his friend...
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