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Originally Posted by Paddy
The Human Centipede was shit; The Human Centipede II was slightly less shit; The Human Sexipede is just about finished downloading - I anticipate good times.
It was just a normal porno starring a German in a lab coat. And not a very good porno at that. I didn't even crack one off.

Today I downloaded, but have yet to watch, a documentary that may interest some of you. It's called Orzoco: The Embalmer. It was made in 2001, and is basically study of a Columbian named Orzoco who is not only an embalmer, but is a not particularly competent one. It contains extremely graphic footage of fresh corpses on the side of the road and how they're unceremoniously dismantled by Orzoco back at his "morgue" as he prepares them for their burial. I flicked through it a little to see just how graphic it is. It is. I shall report back with a sweet review and plenty of screenshots for anyone who's interested Or, if you fancy downloading it for yourself: [865 MB]

It's a fairly rare film, even rarer with English subtitles!

The West Memphis Three case is being made into a film called "The Devil's Knot". It will star Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth. I hope they don't shit all over it, but probably will. Paradise Lost 3 is out, and Peter Jackson and Amy Berg have their own documentary on the case doing the rounds at film festivals right now, "West of Memphis". I'm pretty excited to see the latter; Paradise Lost 3 was alright but it didn't really feel like I learnt anything new from it, although I'm pleased to see it's been nominated for an Oscar. West of Memphis blatantly builds a case against Terry Hobbs, the stepfather of one of the victims of the murders, and contains material so new they had to re-edit the film days before the first official screening to include fresh interviews. In particular, interviews with friends of Hobbs' nephew who passed polygraph tests, swore under oath and wrote affidavits to support their claim that the nephew told them that Terry Hobbs killed the kids and considered it the "Hobbs family secret".
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