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Originally Posted by Paddy
While I'm on the subject, why the fuck does my piss sometimes smell EXACTLY like Sugar Puffs™? I don't know if they're available outside of the UK, but fuck me the similarity is so striking that I often take deep, gulping breaths when I have a Sugar Puff piss because I enjoy the smell so much. And I don't even fuckin' eat them! I haven't eaten any cereal since I was about 11! Is it my piss or this cereal that needs sorting out? ANSWERS ON A POSTCARD PLEASE.

Here in the states we have Golden Crisp and Honey Smacks, which are the exact same fucking cereal. When I was a kid they were called Sugar Crisp and Sugar Smacks, respectively. I don't know why they changed names, or why they both even exist considering that they're not very popular and taste exactly the same. I mean, fuck, at least Fruit Loops, Trix, and Fruity Pebbles all taste different from each other.

As to my piss, I drink so much water that my piss usually has very little color and no discernible odor except when I wake up in the morning (in which case; amber yellow and slightly acrid).
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