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Glad you liked it! Personally I'm not completely happy with the end of the second line (first paragraph), but hey. Came out pretty much like I wanted.

Actually, it was basically just a snapshot. I was doing a four-hour drive home the other night, the sky was completely clear and the aurora was in full display all across it. I stopped by IRF (Institutet för Rymdfysik; The Swedish Institute for Space physics, where I'm currently studying) on the way to make sure I got a few e-mails off in case I overslept and ended up standing in the parking lot for ten minutes or so. The lighting is very subdued around this building, for obvious reasons, so it's a great place for some good old amateur observation. Well, I had to wait a little for a file to load, and I just sort of idly scribbled this in a notebook in the meantime. So there you go.
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