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We've been neglecting this shit! Added these:

theRenamer - organises the filenames of your videos by accessing online TV and movie databses. For instance, if you have something like:
it will be properly named:
Chicks with Dicks - s01e05 - The One Where Georgina Gets an Anal Pollop.avi
You can also define the naming standards used, if you like to have your TV shows and movies formatted a certain way.

AIMP - An audio player that makes Winamp look like a beauty pageant winner from Ohio who didn't realise there's a vast non-hick world out there containing women with more than 8 teeth and triple-figure IQs as standard.

Stardock Fences - An uber-handy program which gives you the ability to define "fenced-off" areas on your desktop in which you can store icons and they'll remain in their pigeon holes.

Free Launch Bar - A simple yet extremely handy tool which lets you create Quick Launch icons/toolbars which expand as mini-menus, so it's like having lots of little Start Menus instead of single icons. Kinda hard to express how useful it is, just try it out.

Messenger Plus! for Skype | Adds a toolbar to the Skype window expanding its feature set. The coolest feature is that it lets you record your conversations, which is a feature that Skype itself can only do after you pay for the requisite plugin.

Classic Shell | Gives you the old-style Start Menu with functionality the old Start Menu doesn't have. In other words it's the best of both old and new with the shite of each whittled out. It also adds options to Windows Explorer which make things a lot handier too.
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