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Originally Posted by Wolfsherz
Ritual Necromancy - Oath of the Abyss discovered this band at Rites of Darkness. Standard but WELL EXECUTED war-ish black/death/doom. THEN the last half of "Consummating Crypts of Eternity" kick in. I actually saw people all around turn their heads and look around in amazement going "what the FFFFFFFFFUCK is going on now".
See for yourself.

I opened up for those guys when they made their stop in LA. Very eye opening.

Good call on that Macabre cd.

Sabbat - Sabbatrinity Total Japanese black/thrashing madness. To me, they have stayed consistent with their style without getting boring. This release isn't their best, but it kicked my ass.

Gravehill - When All Roads Lead to Hell They acquired Matt Harvey of Exhumed and his songwriting sure shows on this release. Another ass kicker of this year for me!

The Black Dahlia Murder - Ritual Sometimes I feel that this band is unjustly labeled as metalcore or deathcore. They sound more death metal to me. Their latest release has been spinning in my car stereo frequently.

Flame - March Into the Firelands Just straightforward black/thrash in the vein of Nifelheim.
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