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Everyone should post links.

Cerebral Ballzy - Cerebral Ballzy
Punkrock but the non annoying kind. Most blazin'. Proof

Bjork - Biophilia
You cute lil' crazy bitch I love you. Ode to the human voice the way the Mama's and the Papa's "If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears' was, complete with breakbeats coming out of nowhere. Mmmmmmm-m.

ChopChop - Rotten from the Sewer to the Grave
Badass breakcore. Quite a versatile album, dubstep, glitch etc but of course the 100% breakcore tracks take the cake. No link sorry just download it from

Cordyceps - Fragmented Structures
Laidback breakcore with a lot of (actual, non-sampled) guitar and bass-guitar thrown in, along with a lot of NWO-samples. Short EP but very soothing listen. Proof.

Graveyard - Hisingen Blues
Holy shit was I looking for an album like this. Probably my AOTY. Brilliant rock and roll with a lot of bluesy tracks for good measure. Totally addictive. Ch-ch-check it

Metal shit:
Adversarial - Prophetic Plain of Abyssal Revelation HOLY SHIT. Compilation of their demo, some new tracks and an Incantation and Archgoat (BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL) cover thrown in. Guitarist C remains one of the most skillful and imaginative in the genre, same can EASILY be said for drummer E. Were worth 4000 out of the 8000 miles I had to travel for Rites of Darkness. MAXIMUM VOLUME

Antedeluvian - Through the Cervix of Hawaah. Pre-prehistorical (sounding) chaos, dense but rewarding album. Lyrics are intresting aswell. Bulldozer of an album. Riffs are sludgy but one a faster scale, drums always have an original and imaginative tinge to them. Turquoise Infidel

Aosoth - III Crowning achievement so far. Ashes of Angels pulled open and stretched wide, tempo's are brought down with slow passages that sound like a guitar breathing in a malicious way if that makes sense it doesn't but listen to it. Not sure if you can get the Variations of Violence-LP anymore, but the altered mix (most obvious in III-5) is a good reason to look for it.

Dephosphorus - Axiom HOLY SHIT. Greek "Astrogrind" aka blackened grind with astrological lyrics. Absolutely maniacal album, tracks rage forth and their short lengths (and the insane vocal delivery) enhance the intensity of it all. Collimator

Diapsiquir - A.N.T.I. Long awaited by a whole lot of people. Introduces a lot more "structure" and "singing" even. Still as insane.
Satan in lyrics had to make way for overall insanity anti-socialness etc and a lot of homosex but overall indeed a DIAPSIQUIR album.
Fais le

Mitochondrion - Parasignosis Whereas Archaeaeon was claustrophobic already this album seems more "open" but the excellent production still suffocates your attention when it wants to. The celebration of the States of 10+1 138, their devotion to this made clear in the two "emptied" tracks, Parasignosis is another bulldozer of an album with confusing riffs galore, but all the while there's a definite sense of purpose, structure and thought behind it all.

Peste Noire - L'Ordure a l'état Pur kind of a "we are PN go fuck yourself" album. Lots of outside influence thrown in (ska, hip hop, ...) but actually done well. Few intentional laugh out loud moments in there aswell. Brilliantly "crapuleux" lyrics once again.
Start listening at like 5.10, ska up your life at 6.40

Ritual Necromancy - Oath of the Abyss discovered this band at Rites of Darkness. Standard but WELL EXECUTED war-ish black/death/doom. THEN the last half of "Consummating Crypts of Eternity" kick in. I actually saw people all around turn their heads and look around in amazement going "what the FFFFFFFFFUCK is going on now".
See for yourself.
So this Georgian Olympian runs into a bar

Aosoth - New album III out now on Agonia Recs
Epoch - bass, guitars, drums, MetaStasizing out asap
Asphixa - bass, demo out asap
Adustum - bass, guitars, full length out soon on XXXXXXXXXX recs

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