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Best of 2011

In no particular order off the top of my head:


Chelsea Wolfe Apokalypsis: (the youtube video says it was released in 2010 but her site says 2011, so I'm going with that).

Gridlink Orphan: God damn this has to be one of my favorite grind records ever. Has the singer John Chang from Discordance Axis on vox, too. Insane screeching intensity and has excellent production. I like my grind with a raw, clean production. The last track "The Last Red Shoulder" slays me (couldn't find it streaming on the net).

Krallice Diotima:

Radiohead The King of Limbs: Not my favorite Radiohead album at all, but still most excellent.

Tom Waits Bad as Me: I honestly haven't absorbed this record much yet but I know that I love it, and I know that I love this man with all my heart.

Hella - Tripper: Easily my favorite Hella release. I hadn't listened to them since maybe 2006 and never liked any of their shit with vocals but this album is back to the older Hella style but with much better recording/production. Zack Hill is a fucking maniac on the kit.

Bjork - Biophilia: - So beautiful. Not my favorite Bjork record but still an excellent release. I wasn't that into Volta so this was a nice return to the more experimental side of her that I adore.

Ulcerate - The Destroyers of All: - I first heard them from Wolf and liked what I heard so I put them on the back burner and just now picked this album up. Its great. The riffage is like a spacey brutal mix of Deathspell Omega and later Gorguts and creative progressive song writing. Dissonant, strangely ethereal, and crushing.

Much Anticpated Releases That Left Me With Soul AIDS:
Ulver War of the Roses: I genuinely dislike about 80% of this record. Such a shame too as Ulver is one of my favorite bands and I was annoyingly-excited about it. However, I didn't really dig Shadows of the Sun when I first heard it ended up as being one of my favorite Ulver releases so I'll try again. This song kicks ass though:

I'm sure I've got a few more I can't remember. Not much new metal this year for me.
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