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Originally Posted by Gomli
I mean if there's another metalhead no matter from which part of the world he or she is kind of a sibling in this big family

Never ever felt like that.

And Zemial, I don't know but I thought they were boring as ffffffffuck. Lame midtempo ripoff of Melechesh and Absu. Just kept waiting for AntaeuS. And there were your fair share of little fights in the crowd but nothing major. First night there was a bit too much of "MY SHIRT IS BETTER THAN YOURS" going on, with 1 guy getting kicked out and a security dude getting knocked down.

Anyway, like I said, AntaeuS and Adversarial both carried this shit to maaajor fucking heights. No contest, best bands of the entire weekend. Mitochondrion were crushing too, Cruciamentum, Weapon and of course Black Witchery aswell but AntaeuS and Adversarial just had that edge over everyone.

YGiD: you happen to know Lock and Shock-store from LA? Guy has been a father to me for the entire weekend (helped him unpack the first day, he got me in for free, I just helped him out at his stand for the rest of the weekend), was a reaaal big break for me seeing that I had to sleep in the bushes the first night due to my cabdriver being a dumbfuck and dropping me off at the COMPLETE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN. Not like I gave 'm a vague description, I gave 'm a handwritten address 4039 EAST HOUSTON HOW HARD IS THAT YOU FUCK. But yeah, guy was my first real good news since I got there (apparently my hotel was on the complete other OTHER side of the venue aswell, thank God I was able to sleep with the Anta guys who were like right around the corner). But yeah if you know Felipe/Poyo by chance tell him I said what's up

Gomli: Urfaust cancelled. But witnessed them a few times and trust me when I say you have to see them live.

Oh and
Originally Posted by YOUR_GOD_IS_DEAD
Geez, half of the metal community that I'm acquainted with are calling for the promoter's blood. Things may get ugly next week in San Antonio.

Danny was walking around through the entire audience ALL WEEKEND. No one even dared talk to him. A lot of internet badassery was going on indeed, but as is typical, no real life actions at all. Rightfully so, even with all the cancellations this guy put together one of the best fest for the past and coming 30 years. Criticizers should shut UP or try and outdo him if it's so fucking easy to get Akitsa and others into the USA. He fucked up but still, he tried and delivered a lot.
So this Georgian Olympian runs into a bar

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Tetianblood? ... Well, 'Necrosemen' to you too. Twat.
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