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Originally Posted by Dyldo
My dad told me about this when I was a kid and at the time I was like "meh, I think being beaten up would be worse than shitting yourself in a boat!". Ahh such innocence...

Years ago I read an account about Russian soldiers "executing" a few Chechen rebel POWs. The female sniper they had captured (snipers being the most hated combatants) was handed to the troops by their commander and told they could do whatever the fuck they liked. So they savagely gang-raped her repeatedly all night and then tied her to a tree the next morning. They set some explosives under her with a really long fuse stretched out on the ground beneath her, so that she could watch it burn down second by second, which she did. The same squad had another male POW and he was also tied to a tree, but they stripped him and doused him with honey and left him there to be eaten alive by the insects and baked in the sun. Your Wiki link just reminded me of that
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