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Originally Posted by Requiem
American education is actually pretty damn good. It is just that the current generations usually don't care about learning.

Better than some, not impressive to others.

Public school has fucked with our education in that with the government in control, as with all things that the government gets control of, the result is inefficiency, unfairness, and backdoor-corruption. I think public education only good when the parents have a say in who is teaching their kids, the more the better, and therefore the answer is private schools.

So, couple parents don't want their kids going to a school where every 99% believe in Jesus, and as a public service provided by the school they feel left out and don't want anybody to talk about Jesus so that we can be a Godless nation, well the answer is get the fuckin' kids out of public fuckin' schools.

In my predictable experiences, the smart kids are veil, left unchallenged - trained to be castrated, and the dumb ones hold everyone back and cause problems and the system is bent around them because "Oh we have to get everybody" so they can be trained and castrated....

There's more, but fug it... to compromise that reading and math is good therefore anyone who gives it to me is good is a logical fallacy.
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