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Originally Posted by Paddy
If you're referring to Bobbi's I've already seen 'em, but her sordid PMs aren't the only means of seeing them; just ask Buzz Aldrin if you can have a look at the holiday snaps he took from Apollo 11. The pics are of the earth as a whole, but if you look real hard you can just make out the Great Wall of China running parallel with her left areola.

Turned out to be a massive pair of stomach tumours.

One out of two ain't bad.


And those weren't my boobs. They were my knees. He's never actually seen boobs other than his own so he can't tell the difference. He's never even seen his own really since his parents took down all the mirrors the first year of his life because that cooing bundle of burps and noxious gases kept cracking the mirrors. The only time he has seen them was in the rippled reflection of a nearby pond when his uncle took him on a picnic - without the basket, but just the tablecloth. He's has distorted views of bazooms ever since.
My eldest son's bipolar website:

-wally: Mom, you shouldn't play after me because it makes you sound even worse than you already do. -wally:*grumbles and whispers quietly* I guess it's cuz I love you or something, but you're still a TURD
Grimm:I could read your mind but its in font size .5
Amadeus:Oh, and was there a cesserole (never mind spelling) involved?
Paddy:the fact that you didn't end up on a kids show makes me question my atheism
Dyldo: You evil strumpet!
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