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Rezzles, give me your three best Anthrax songs in that mould. You so clever.

Manswhore - I am so impressed with myself, I heard one fucking Turisas riff and said THESE GUYS ARE FINNISH. I fucking win at life. Good suggestion - looking for a song with minimal fruity, major thirds and accordion amongst what they've got. Not really my thing either, to be honest... still playing the new Decapitated over and over again.

Cunty - is so close to glory it's not funny. Kind of a Mastodon-Zeke hybrid. I fucking love it, but the low-fi sound won't work in a venue, it's the opposite of crisp.

(BTW I'm doing a really hardcore show in a few months where the people need to be seriously stirred up and scared shitless - soundtrack for that was easy. FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE. Several hundred people will end that night a lot more metal than they started it.)
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