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Originally Posted by estringrev
Fair enough, but Traced in Air was pretty amazing as Prog Metal goes.. I suppose if anyone bothered with Re-Traced, then that would have served as a hint. At this point, if you look at Re-Traced, and what ever this stuff is, then their full length in 2012 will probably not be all too interesting as far as metal goes.

Yeah, I've pretty much given up expecting anything metal from them after Traced in Air. That's alright with me though because the way I look at their transmogrification is this: these dudes are probably different people than they were back in '93 when they released Focus. They're probably not interested at all in trying to rehash another album like Focus as they want to be as forward-thinking now as they were then and I'd rather not have such awesomely creative and talented musicians be constrained to just one genre. Let vines grow in any direction they want! And back to your original comment: this is why I like that they're keeping with the same band name as it serves as a historical map of their progress.
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