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As for the reality background, I couldn't tell you. I'd say, anyone who hasn't played the games and doesn't ever expect to, watch it. On it's own, it's a well done movie. But I also honestly think they could have done much better story wise - though not even nearly as horrendous, they made the same mistake that pretty much every Silent Hill comic I've ever read also make. The founding idea of the horror in Silent Hill is that it's humans that make it become manifest, so in a sense you create your own nightmare and then anyone who happens to be around get to join in the fun. So, for example, Pyramid head simply felt wrong to me; he's a manifestation of James' psyche and even if James does exist in the movie's continuity, he's not there now. I almost wish they had botched in technically on the monsters so I could just have a good gripe about them and be done with it, but no. They did them, on the whole, very well, they just used them wrong.
However, Cybil was every bit as hot as I imagined her pixelated curves to be in the first version of the first game. That's a whole bucket of bonus points right there.
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