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Originally Posted by Dyldo
After having spent around a month exploring Dubstep, I can now say it is one of the most boring fucking genres of electronica. Its all the same. Its all the same. Its all the same. Its a lot like listening to most hardcore/deathcore bands. Its fucking uncreative overkill. Its just meaningless melodies filling the space between generic breakdowns. The "breakdowns" in Dubstep can be awesome, but they all sound the same and you soon realize its embarassingly predictable and not a very fullfulling or forward-thinking genre.

Also (HAHAHA): Korn to release dubstep album

I don't mine something being stupid as long as it sounds good, but the majority of dubstep I've listened to fails to even meet that meager standard. Your assessment of dubstep was my impression after listening to a fair amount of it.. I just had faith that there were some amazing artists out there because of the few tracks I came across that were very solid, but I feel at ease giving up the search after your post.

Originally Posted by Dyldo
If you're looking for heavy, weird mind-fucking electronica, there's much, much, much better options out there: Exhibit A. Not as "heavy breakdowny" as Dubstep, but oh-so-much more fulfilling, innovated, and interesting. And while I'm on the topic of mental electronica, check out this Aphex Twin track. The ending, around 6:54, is fucking insane, and with the right speaker positioning (headphones or a car, i.e. any scenario when the speakers are to the right and left to you) is seizure inducing. I laugh every time at the rattling it does to my brain. I know it isn't fair to put Richard D. James in the same post as Dubstep (as I don't mean to say "THIS IS WHY DUBSTEP SUCKS!"), I'm just saying because I'm listening to it right now and am slightly intoxicated. I suggest listening to the entire song though, as the theme he bring in around the 2:20 mark is the one that he fucks with at the end. My god the fucking detail RDJ puts into his music!

I've never really explored electronica much because the bits I've heard never captured me. The only appealing thing dubstep had was that it was basically just heavy as fuck fun music.

The last song you linked was really good.. Gonna take a few listens to let it sink in though..
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