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Cynic: Carbon Based Anatomy

I felt this was worth a thread since it involves one of the best bands, ever.

Let's start with the music in question:

I LOVED Traced in Air and I thought it was a fair step away from the legendary Focus, but this EP they've released in something completely unexpected, in a bad way.

It's really nice music, and I enjoy it, but it's not what anyone who's purchased Focus and/or Traced in Air would be expecting. I was so close to ordering this without listening first, and I'm so glad I didn't.

This just comes off as false advertisement to me.. It's like "NECROPHAGIST NEW ALBUM: SOUL STEALER!", then you turn it on and it's fucking power metal.. In fact, that would STILL be better than what happened here, but obviously non-sense. I like power metal and I like whatever this is, but it's almost entirely divorced from their previous works.

Why not just file this under Portal or something (i liked portal)? It seems they are done with metal for good, which is fine - But why use the name "Cynic" for something that doesn't sound anything like what people listened to for years during their hiatus?

In the end, it's their stuff, and we're just the listeners - they can do whatever they want, but I'm sure others will be venting about this just like many did when Traced in Air was released.
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