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I have finally achieved my lifelong dream; I accidentally stood on my own penis. I could explain how I did it but that would demystify it the point of it not being all that impressive. However, I can at least try to put things in perspective for you:

A List of Men and Whether or Not They Have Successfully Trod on Their Own Genitals

Burt Reynolds: No
Wesley Snipes: No
John Candy: No
Barrack Obama: No
Muhammad Atta: It's entirely possible that feet met genitalia post-collision, but it doesn't count because the genitalia in question weren't necessarily his - No
Mike Tyson: No
Lemmy: No
Chuck Norris: No
Bruce Lee: No
Chris "I Am Chris Rezendes" Rezendes Ph. D: To Be Determined
James Joyce: No
Will Smith: Aww HELL naw!
Paddy McMackattack: YES, OH GOD YES!!!

"If I can see further than you it is because I have stood on the Staff of Wisdom™."
P. Mc
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