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Originally Posted by Gomli
Machine Head? Destorying things and shit would be probably cool to that

I was thinking some early Machine Head might work, too.

What about GWAR? Early Meshuggah? More recent Decapitated? I know the last two utilize some strange time sigs and such, but not really in an inaccessible way. I knew more kids in high school who liked Meshuggah than Slayer and Megadeth combined. Pretty accessible shit, I think.

Additionally, go eat a bag of dingo dicks you kangaroo molesting donut puncher. I'd bet a quick swab of your urethra and a well placed night vision camera would shed a lot of light on the recent koala chlamydia outbreak, wouldn't it? Bugger off, you yuppie poofter.

I miss you, Jimberly.
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