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Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
Just out of curiosity, what do think of women who wear those pj bottoms out in public places? You know, like the flannel ones? Personally, I'd have a real hard time leaving my property in those or sweatpants unless it was a medical reason, but lots of people do.

I actually really like it when bitches wear pajamas in public with no sense of irony. It's like a shortcut in life that saves me the time of talking to vapid, self-important whores in order to figure out that I really don't want to know them, fuck them, or extinguish them if they caught on fire.

Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
...the mods are far too mature, level-headed, handsome, and well hung to edit other people's posts for their own amusement. Srsly.

I would be inclined to agree, but when Paddy was handed the banhammer a couple of years ago, it really threw everything off.
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