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I feel women (I wish) should be allowed to wear whatever they like, within reason, with "reason" being a euphemism for "a set of rules and standards devised and enforced by a committee of men and a select handful of those women who possess an inherent and arbitrary dislike of other women". Hot women should wear burqas in order to avoid devaluing beauty by overexposure to the point of desensitisation. Ugly women should also wear burqas for obvious reasons, except they should be made from dyed-orange burlap in order to prevent men accidentally chatting up a pug in the underground women's section of the bar.

Steve Jobs is dead, is that why he's being hailed as a genius? Before he died I seem to remember him being a bearded cunt. I think I must have missed a meeting, but I don't recall anyone else I know being invited to the "Why Dead Cunts Are Geniuses" PowerPoint presentation.

On the bright side at least rich hacky tossers die of cancer, too. Which reminds me, how's Ricky Gervais' health been lately?
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