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I haven't had snake, but I have had alligator a couple times and enjoyed it, though there wasn't anything overly remarkable about it. I did have it in jerky form once though and that was pretty damn good, but I just love any kind of jerky, really.

On Sunday I went to my cellist's 3 year-old son's birthday party. His family is ultra-fucking-we-go-all-out-for-any-occasion-just-to-get-drunk-and-prepare-amazing-food Mexican and had some of the best birria (goat) I've ever had. The goat was actually a gift from someone in the family and was slaughtered the day before. I stuffed myself into a food coma with about 3 or 4 courses of goat shank, goat tacos (freshly made tortillas!), and goat stew (the soup being the best of the lot). However, the best goat dish I've ever had was a curried goat poutine (now sadly off the constantly rotating menu) at a local gastropub. I must have had it 4 or 5 times when it was available and it never failed to make my knees buckle.

One of my favorite food blogs named this 7-course goat dish the best dish out of a yearly top 100 in Orange County so I'm going to have to try that while I'm on my goat kick. Concerning the first course mentioned, I've never had blood pudding so I'm pretty curious about it as I have no idea what I'll think of it. The blog's #1 from last year was pretty incredible so I trust that it will be pretty legit. Seriously, this taco, the "Taco Acorazado", is probably the best taco I've ever had, and there is no fucking shortage of tacos in the OC don't call it that. You can't really see the huge, thick, fluffy handmade to order totilla under everything in that picture but it alone would be worth the meager $4 the entire thing costs. I couldn't eat for the rest of the day after it, and it didn't bother me one bit.

I'm hungry.
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