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Originally Posted by PST 88
Well, if you tell me that the bread's bread in the midst of your ginger rant you're not defending your secrets very well, are you?
Bread and cornflakes are a given, what I didn't tell you about was the grated onio....shit, nearly let it slip there.

Originally Posted by PST 88
Jews aren't technically Caucasian.
I know, you only affect the white skin tone to pass unnoticed when you're gathering intel for the the Queen of England and her lizard overlords - because, Christ* knows, looking green and scaly isn't the most inconspicuous look for a bipedal.

* Remember him? 'Course you do, every murderous mob remembers their most successful "hit".

Originally Posted by PST 88
Gingers aren't technically human, though, so cheers.
That's rich coming from an intergalactic space-reptilian!

Speaking of which, has anyone ever eaten lizard or snake or the like?
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