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Originally Posted by Dyldo
Knuckle, the real Snatch:

I'm sure Paddy's whole family is in there somewhere in one of those trailers.
Just finished watching this. It's fucking hilarious, and unintentionally so. It's a basic fact of nature that you can't sound tough when you have an indecipherable, jaunty Irish traveller accent and a vocabulary that could be written down in its entirety on the back of a pack of cigarettes in 70pt Comic Sans MS.

"Dat foker's only after boytin' me!"

There are English subtitles throughout, even though everyone is already speaking English. I'm Irish and I don't even know what the fuck they're saying. It's like an entire community of alcoholic stroke victims trying to turn every sentence into a singsong.

It's a really interesting film though, and seems to be a representative microcosm of pointless conflict in general.

An interview with the director:
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