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Not enough noise

Well, what the hell, might as well throw a question out here, in case someone just happens to know a good answer off the top of their head.

I have what I consider to be a really great amp, but it has a huge drawback, for me - there's not enough noise, or whatever you'd call it, in it. For example, I have a song where I play a solo part with only the left hand, but when I try to play it using this particular amp it pretty much falls flat because there is, well... not enough noise. Which on the face of it seems kinda silly, seeing as the sound is pretty sweet when playing normally. So yea, I figure it might just be a matter of hooking up a pedal and maxing the gain like there was no tomorrow, but what the heck, if anyone has any fun suggestions on how to achieve good hammer-on/pull-off reply from an amp...
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