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dunlop's Crybaby + Big Muff, Little help here...

hi everyone! I've just bought an EHX Big Muff Pi and i can't find the right sound when I play with it and the wah wah on, the thing is if I push the wah pedal to the max (full treble), the guitar starts doing like a "treble feedback" (my english is poor) and i can't get a proper "wah" sound, because i have to stop before to avoid that feedback...

my schematics are:

guitar -> Muff -> Crybaby -> Amp

If I switch the pedals position, the wah doesn't really sounds, My amp is a H&K Vortex Black series (transistor), the muff's EQ is more or less all the buttons in the middle, I tried to reduce treble on the amp, but then the sound is like the amp is in another room (too much bass)...

If I send the pedals for the FX in / out route of the amp will I notice any difference with the same configuration? Am i connecting them worng? I mean, i've always heard "distortion pedal, first" but now that I have this "thing" i wonder: "first" is from the amp to the guitar or is the way I have?

Thanks, the two pedals are modern so I supose both are true bypass (i really don't know if this has anything to do with my issue)...

Well thanks!
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