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Originally Posted by Paddy
Actually, can you try this instead?

Try adding a new bar on the end, for the first track, and tab the highlighted bar exactly as it is in the pic. For me, I type the 3/C note on the end and when I press the cursor key to move over to add the other two 16th notes I get an error and then everything I do thereafter gives the same error ad infinitum and I have to restart the program.

This is the error I get, and the codes are always the same no matter what I do with the bastard:

If anyone speaks French a translation would be helpful!

I speak French but the errors are quiten onsensical. Same thing you get with English errors "Application encountered EC300000F00004 terminating application" shit. Oh and fine, let ME do all the work in your tab sheesh. In a minute I just woke up it's 4.57.

You do get these errors after a lot of effects like bends and shit. Try working with RSE turned off, that's usually the problem.
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