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08. Instant Clarity (Open My Eyes part II.) - BEHIND THE WALL OF FREEDOM

Sitting…in a smoky bar
Right now… is celebration time
Today…it has been six months
Since I´ve…come here for a new life

Immigration…office helped me
With many things to my new start
Living in two…rooms appartment
And I´m working at a food store

In the land of occasions
Hardworking man can reach his aims
And fortune favours the best
Hold to my destinations
Step by step I am on my way
To get to the top at last

Drinking…another cold beer
Oh John…how I wish you were here
With me…to live in liberty
Help me…with my new destiny

I feel something…wrong around me
Day by day I realize
Nothing is what…it seems to be
Pink (coloured) glasses falling from my eyes

In the land of delusion
No matter of ability
Corruption and money rule
Believing in illusions
Now I am starting to see
Something here is rotten too

So bittersweet is a taste
Of freedom in this state
For money that godlike
People break human rights

Mrs Justice is a blind
Paper money on her eyes
She judges right for those
Whose alibies are gold

Now it really seems to me
They have the same enemy
Like we have in my country
Just in a different disguise

Enemy is dictating
How to live, what to think
What to buy, what to eat
In their submitted lives

In contract to my land
They have options to change
But they don´t really care…overrulled by laziness
And they will never dare…upon them fear reigns
They will never dare
White flags everywhere

I´m not watching
Now I see!!!

I´ve opened my eyes…clear a haze of illusions
Nothing is really what it seems
I´ve opened my eyes…grab a mask of delusion
That was told in our stories
I´ve opened my eyes…see a reign of corruption
Ruling with power of money
I´ve opened my eyes…see through all illusions
In a state of instant clarity

Sitting…in the empty bar
I know…I will never come
Back home…to see my family
Tell them…for all troubles…I´m so sorry
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