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04. Decision (Partners in Crime) - BEHIND THE WALL OF FREEDOM

Wake up sweating again
Like almost every sleepless night
„You can go with me“ (behind the wall)
Returning echoes in my mind

It has been four long years
Since he pushed the button play
Adulting now I am
Leaving my small world everyday

Oh John what have you done to me?!

I want to know more than
Will ever find in my land
Keep on fighting my fear
Crime of treason…they call it here

Hearing music I see
What I have never seen before
More facts day by day
I´m just a puppet in someone´s show

Oh John why have you chosen me?!

I want to go behind
The wall where freedom lies
Raise up my voice of heart
But make a decision…is so hard
Decision to be…partners in crime

My mind is breaking out
In a storm of knowledge and the other questions
the other questions
the other questions!!!

Is it truth what we learn in school
About our history?
Is it truth we can speak fearless
In freedom and liberty?
Is it truth we´re not just a flock
Of the same obeying sheep?
Is it truth that the wall´s been built
To protect not to keep?

No it´s not…now I know
No it´s not…truth´s been shown
No it´s not…truth has died
No it´s not…we used to lies

Oh John thank you for chosing me

Yes I will go behind
I have made up my mind
With John heading for a fate
My decision…has been made…now
Decision to be…partners in crime
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