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Thanks for the input. The thing I'm having problems with is that I had finished the first version a while back and the bridge (Bars 72-101) used in that first version is something I couldn't fit in anything else I'm working on. The bridge used in the second version (Bars 72-98) was just something I came up with when I couldn't sleep and decided to write it down. When I woke up the next day, I listened to it again and realized it really fit the theme of the song.

This leaves me with three options;
a. ignore that it fits the theme of the song and use it somewhere else (I had, in fact, initially intended to build a song around it).
b. totally discard the original bridge, which wouldn't fit in another piece, and use the new one.
c. find a way to work it into the song later as a second bridge.

All options are troublesome. A. bothers me because that riff fits the piece perfectly. B. bothers me because I worked hard on the original bridge, I couldn't salvage it by using it elsewhere, and because it's rough polytonality and inaccessible weirdness fit the theme of the song. C. is a fine compromise, but I'm worried that people will feel like the song drags on for too long.

I'm leaning toward option c. because it adds room for a nice guitar solo from bars 106-114 and either a drum break or some bass wankery from bars 121-123.
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