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Another chapter / No more fear

Another chapter (Intro)

I´m on a top of the hill
And there is no turning back
I will go down and low
If I go way straight ahead

There is a border now I finally see
No advice of elder can change my destiny
This is the end of one season of my past
Another chapter´s begun but in happiness it won´t last

No more fear

I am not afraid of death
Death is scared to death of me
I´ve looked to its eyes
Been so close to it

I have gained a courage
A knowledge I have never had
A strength to carry on
And not to be dead…yet

If you were ready to pass away
And you returned here to stay
Now you´re living everyday
Like it´s your dying day

No trouble can be so big
To drive me almost insane
No poison speech of man
Can cause me pain

I have found a protection
From world that´s dehumanized
Best days are gone
I have realized

You have no fear of future
Of people turning to creatures
´cos you can do it whenever
To leave this world forever
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