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Parody of life

What is this I can´t believe my eyes
This is hell not a paradise
People work all day to stay alive
Even at work they do not like

At school we are taught how to think
Instead of teaching to learn to think
There´s no money politicians say
They know where all taxes fade away

Spend millions to the stars to fly
Meanwhile jobless trying to survive
National lies start a new conflict
The only point´s to increase profit

General truth written in the press
Following it lead you to success
A prisoner of majority
Or you will die in madhouse free

We all used to lies
This is God´s order
We´ll never realize
We´ve been concerned in

Parody of life – we are living in
Parody of life – neverending wheel of insanity
Parody of life – smiling with a grin
Parody of life – who will see through absurdity?
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