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I never got Arghoslent, honestly. It just sounds like some kids from Virginia trying to rehash the Gothenburg sound that I never liked in the first place about 10 years too late for it to be original or interesting in any way. Beyond that, they don't employ any particularly odd or interesting scales, chords, structures, time sigs, or tempo shifts to at least make their music different. Their music has a very hollow, disconnected, unfeeling air to it, almost though it it's entirely disingenuous. I honestly feel as though they've simply co-opted an aesthetic they don't truly feel or even appreciate in order to push their ideological agenda onto a crowd more willing to receive it than some others.

Maybe I'm just biased as a half niggard when it comes to shit like this, but since my favorite band on this planet are Morbid Angel, I tend to think I can let shit like this go when the music is actually good.
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