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Animals almost never indulge in this sort of behavior for a variety of reasons. In addition to being a massive waste of time and energy, hunting frivolously puts unnecessarily puts their lives in danger at the hands of their prey and also to any potential predators. When you're hungry, you HAVE to take the risk that your prey might injure or even kill you before you can eat it. When you're hungry, you're forced to go out in the open where your predators can see and get you. When you're not hungry, none of these things are necessary.

The vast majority of animals that do indulge in overkill behavior (again, very few) are generally driven to caching behavior. Sometimes they do this even when caching food isn't particularly feasible (warm weather, wet weather, no good place to hide/bury food, etc.), but instincts are instincts.

I don't believe spiders cache their prey, so I would assume they don't indulge in overkilling behavior. Additionally, much that spiders prey on is potentially dangerous to the spider, so there is more biological incentive not to.
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