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The nature of reflection

Yea well, what the heck. I'm thinking that if I throw out this to some sharks, it might just improve the odds that I'll get around to finishing the whole thing. This is from a short story I'm writing, guess you could call it horror/sci-fi; it's written by the main character as a sort of lead-in to what's actually going down. Just finished that section, along with this, so yea. Enjoy. Or don't. Not really my headache!

You will take
Only what you recall
You will have
Only what you bring
Nature of reflection

Turn everything around
You're beautiful in there
Something in my room
A universe
And the thickness
Of a possibility away

Turn everything around
You're beautiful in there
Reflection waving goodbye
When you know, be sure to tell
How you know
That you were the one
Waving first
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