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Originally Posted by johnmansley
Capricorns and Behold... the Arctopus are pretty good, as are Red Sparowes, Dysrhythmia and Grails although the latter triumverate are more like progressive rock with metal influences or parts.

And there is the mighty but sadly now defunct Synergist, of course. Ask Dylan to send you the demo.

Everything that John said is fantastic, most notably Behold... the Arctopus and Dysrhythmia, though they're more "intense". Zevious is another great instrumental band to check out (has the drummer from Dysrhythmia in it, check out this live version of "Coma Cluster") if you're into crazy jazz kind of stuff. I got the pleasure of having a couple beers with them a few months ago in LA.

I've got some more to throw out I'm sure when I can take a look at my CDs. For some reason the shit I recalled off the top of my head was more sullen, relaxed stuff.

And yeah, if you want a copy of that Synergist demo I'll throw you one . PM me your e-mail.

John: Many thanks for the plug. Speaking of which! I know I mentioned this a long time ago, but I do have a live set sitting in a VHS that I totally need to digitally convert, along with two studio unreleased tracks. I will do it some day. I've been throwing around the idea of re-mastering the Synergist demo and pressing a couple hundred copies but, who knows. Also worth mentioning is that the new Deadhead Roses album that'll be done in a few weeks has the keyboardist from Synergist in it now.
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