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Originally Posted by Dyldo
Damn! Jet lag is a bitch. I don't do great adjusting to time zones like I used to.

Must be some broad if you're willing to fly her out. Think this time the movie will end differently? Regardless, I hear those Soap Lands are awesome!

Apparently it's worse going back to the states though. We'll see..should be heading back in October hopefully. My little brother is getting married up in NY.

Yea, she kicks ass. I dated her briefly in high school when I was senior then we went our separate ways. A few months ago we randomly started talking again and now I talk to her more than everyone else I talk to combined. We got to see each other a few times before I left, now it just sucks being so far away and in such a different time zone. I'm definitely looking forward to coming back home, though I will enjoy as much as I can while I'm here. Gonna hike up Mt Fuji and try and catch a JGTC least one.
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