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Hahaha. When I clicked the link I didn't expect to see that photo. We should just have the name of this website changed to metalchan
Originally Posted by Gomli
In its pure form capsaicin can harm your body, that's true but usually one or two days without are enough to let your gastric mucosa recover. Or next time right before you eat something hot, consume some really fat stuff like a glass of cream

I hate dairy! Would semen work too?
Also, look what this guy did.
Originally Posted by Dyldo
You're fine. Are you used to eating hot stuff? Cut down on it a bit and you will be good. Or do like Gomers said and drink a glass of milk before you eat (though that will just help your stomach, not the shits).

Yeah I'm quite used to it. I've been eating very spicy food since I was a young kid. I'll just give it a break for a week or so and let my digestive system chill out.

Perhaps I could find some way to coat the inside of my anus and colon with Saran Wrap to prevent further assault to my delicate rectal flesh. Or maybe one of those female condoms would work if I cut the end off and fed it up there with the end of a toilet plunger. I could patent a product called Rectal Armour. It would probably be a big seller among tourists going to Mexico and prison inmates.
Originally Posted by Paddy
Chances are there have been Irish in every corner of the world, no matter how remote. Our semen is listed in the World Health Organisation's Big Book of Pestilential Materials.
Originally Posted by CompelledToLacerate
God, the Japanese are so weird. This HAS to be the long term effects of the atom bombs. No one is that weird on purpose.
Originally Posted by Gomli
The slams in that song always kill me. First time I heard that song I was like "Too much heaviness - brain collapse" but now I could murder my family to that one
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