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I was at at a pub a few months back. We all decided to eat their so we could have some nice cold beers with our meals. I ordered mild hot wings then I saw below at the very bottom of the menu they also had blazing hot. I asked the waiter if the cook would allow one of the wings to be made with the blazing sauce so I could try it. After signing a waiver and waiting on my order, the order arrived with my 5 mild wings and this 1 blazing hot wing with a slice of jalapeno on top. The one wing looked so weird it was like a reddish purple. One of the guys decided he would stick his finger in the sauce that was running off the wing and just try it, his face turned red as this smiley . So I decided to take a bite out of this thing, the first 3-5 seconds were fine after I chewed and swallowed, then my mouth caught fire I got the hiccups and my stomach felt like hell. I jugged two beers after that, it took near 20 minutes for my mouth, throat, and stomach to stop burning and 30 minutes for the hiccups to go away. I couldn't even eat. I'll never do that shit again.
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