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Originally Posted by Gomli
You are insane man. I was so stupid to think I can handle the heat of a habanero and ate one raw together with the dad of a friend of mine (who is a professional pepper-eating contest dude, as he told me afterwards).
Anyway it ended up I was crying for about 30min and the next day I had the stomach problems of my life.
Since then I train with Rooster sauce and Tabasco

Haha! Habaneros can pack a mean little punch, but its not too bad. I've eaten a handful raw (whole, and no milk or water for 15 minutes) to get myself "in shape" for the super hots over the last month and it was never too bad although I've always had a good tolerance for heat. However, I do often get some pretty bad stomach aches from it so I find it best to drink a glass of milk or some pepto about 20 minutes before to coat your stomach.

This man is my fucking hero. Here he is eating what is now the hottest pepper ever recorded and he takes it like a champ, along with his other 100-something videos of him eating whole, raw dangerously hot peppers that he grows. He's the dude I bought the seeds from.
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