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Exercising is more for the rambunctiousness of stage activity. I'm friends with a professional vocal/instrumental music teacher and most of her exercising comes in the form of daily tasks like grocery shopping, playing and singing for various venues including at a Chicago opera house, and keeping up with her sons. Breathing is the most important part of vocalizing and not straining your voice. We had this discussion yesterday and she was talking about vocal coaches who want their singers to "belt" which is similar to the intensity of what metal offers. Of course, I thought of the vocalists here. Mind you, she's very good and has had thousands of private students for over 30 years now, many of which have gone on to prestigious music schools and one just landed a part on Broadway. But anyway, if you "belt" and don't do it properly you can do damage to your vocal cords. They can grow nodules that can effect your singing. They can be surgically removed, but that takes $$. I wanted to BE SURE to pass along the info here. If you sense any weakening of the voice be sure to have them checked. A young lady who was training for a stage part under another person who only had stage training wanted her to "belt" and within 3 weeks or so time she noticed changes in her voice to the worse. My friend tapes all the sessions so the students as well as herself can hear changes or make changes in vocal styling. When she played before and after tapes, the girl as well as her mother saw the obvious differences. So be careful and find someone to help you that really knows what they're talking about, wants you to grow in your task, and isn't just out to give you five minutes of fame. Hope that helps. But it doesn't hurt to exercise, too, for lots of other reasons.
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