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Originally Posted by DameFraMorkum
I'm with you on this one. There are a few later songs I like off of equilibrium and Prometheus like that song where he's all like "iiiiiiicaruuuuuus I daaaaaaaare youuuuuuu" and the other one where he's all " and after years in dark dungeons... They came to silence......................... der was nawfing." plus the cool piano intro. As a whole though, both albums are pretty boring and repetitive.

Hahaha! Sometimes when I hear someone say the word "nothing" I have to say under my breath "der was nawfing" because it sounds so fucking hilarious and cracks me up every time. Norwegian accents don't really sound like that so I don't understand why Ihsahn does. Maybe its only when they whisper things or talk to children.

But yes, I think Prometheus and Equilibrium both lack that awesome magic atmosphere that prevails through Anthems and Nightside. I respect that they're not just trying to reproduce those two albums, though, as I think that'd be worse. Who wants to hear the same story over and over as it becomes less epic every time?
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