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Oh, this is so fucking awesome. The number of song titles that can be made out of this is great.

Ha Ha, You're Dead!
I Exhumed Your Dead Drug Addict Son and Left His Corpse on Your Porch
Ripping off The Mentors and GG Allin - The Seth Putnam Story, Pt. 1
Laughing While Worms Eat Seth Putnam's Dick
Ha-Ha-Heart Attack
Trying to Kill Yourself to Escape the Constant Recollections of Being Molested by Your Drunk, Irish Uncle in Southie
You Tried to Kill Yourself With Ambien Because You'e a Spineless Fucking Twat
You Secretly Enjoyed Being Molested by Priests Because You're a Sausage Smuggling Faggot
Tim Morse Left AC Because He Was Sick of Turning Down Seth Putnam's Sexual Advances
Another Woman Leaves Seth Putnam for a Nigger
Failing At Music, Life, and Suicide - The Seth Putnam Story, Pt. II
Trust in god, he'll give you shoes!
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