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had a step mom who was into the doors alot so i was into jim morrison, and started smoking weed and shit with her, any way at the time my dad was beating her and me and i was keeping a note book full of poems it was one of them(the only one I remember ) before all that my mom sold me ( no shit) and I ended up in foster care and all that crap, but ive always been into reading and dark crap so I got real into slayer , ministry, cannibal corpse , nin ect it was the 90's
It was a kinda dark time in my life that realy lasted till my 20's and in some ways isnt over, only thing that keeps me from going nuts is my wife kids and my bass(and alot of Heiniken)

but i dont realy wright lyrics anymore just bass lines (and not so great ones INMO lol)

Anyway thanx for the reply
I dance with the dead in my dreams, listen to there hollow screams,the dead have taken my soul, temptations lost all control........
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